Optimal Retail Service

bROK Products is explicitly created for the Retail Channel. All of our operations including our supply line, warehouse, inventory management, order entry, ship and fill rate are designed from the ground up for optimal retail service and growth.

Operational Optimization

  • Supply Line & Planning
    long tenured relationships
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
    well seasoned professionals
  • Order Entry & Fulfillment
    seasoned retail personnel
  • Inner Office Operations
    back end support for seamless operations
  • Flexibility & Focus
    adaptable to opportunistic situations

Planogram & Graphics

  • High Impact Appearance
    conveys strength and durability
  • High Quality, High Velocity Set
    optimizes GMROI
  • Enhanced Shop-Ability
    eases the shopping experience
  • In Aisle Stopping Power
    draws shopper to set
  • Low Store Burden
    easily re-stock planogram
  • Continuous Product Innovation
    enhancing & optimizing your offering


  • Optimized Operations
    pass through value
  • Optimized Planogram
    maximizes attractiveness
  • Optimized Product Set
    maximizes GMROI
  • BEST VALUE to you and your customers
    retailer of preference
  • Continuous FOCUS on the needs of the Retailer without “non-retail” channel distractions (i.e. OEM)