Lock Warrior Coupler Handle

Product #: 57614

Product Description

The bROK WARRIOR Coupler Handle Lock is the strongest trailer coupler handle lock available in the trailer industry. This WARRIOR Lock is extremely heavy-duty with 3x more cut resistance and enhanced break resistance than similar locks. Designed to lock and secure the trailer handle whether attached to the vehicle or not. This lock features a superior performance in theft protection and corrosion resistance with quad plating. bROK WARRIOR products are designed for higher security, the longest endurance and maximum protection.

Quad Coating

  • 3x more cut resistance and enhanced break resistance
  • Superior corrosion protection with red E-Coat plating over hardened steel shaft
  • 1/4-in diameter pin with 3/4-in span
  • Ultimate theft protection with virtually pick proof square key designed lock and tumbler
  • Protection from the elements with flexible protective cap
  • Anti-Rusting Stainless Steel Ball Bearing design provides superior strength and corrosion resistance


Pin/Shaft Diameter : 1/4" Pin Diameter

Span : 5/8" Span

Locking System : Stainless Steel Ball Lock System

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