Pre Towing Check List

  • Ensure the mounting hole for the ball does not exceed the ball’s shank diameter by more than .06” (1/16”).
  • Ensure your hitch ball is properly attached and secured to the ball mount with the lock washer between the ball’s nut and the ball mount.
  • Ensure the nut is tightened to the proper torque (160 ftlb for ¾” ball shaft diameter, 250 ftlb for 1.0” ball shaft diameter and 450 ftlb for 1 ¼” ball shaft diameter).
  • Ensure ball thread extends at least 1 thread beyond the nut
  • Place a small amount of grease on the ball before towing
  • Ensure your hitch Ball spherical diameter matches the coupler socket diameter
  • Ball mount shank size matches your receiver hitch box size (1 ¼”, 2”, 2 ½” etc)
  • Ensure ball mount is secured into the hitch box receiver with the proper sized hitch pin or lock (For 1 1/4” inch receivers or for 2” and 2 ½” inch pin diameter)
  • Ensure ball is fully seated / engaged into the coupler and that the coupler handle is down in the locked or secured position and a coupler handle safety pin is in place through the coupler handle
  • Trailer Jack is fully retracted or swung out of the way
  • Safety chains are properly installed, crisscrossed under the coupler
  • Electrical is plugged in and trailer lights function properly
  • Trailer lights function properly
  • Brake controller is properly installed and properly adjusted to the trailer’s weight