When it comes to safeguarding your towing and trailering investments, trust in the unmatched strength and security of bROK Products' WARRIOR Locks.

Command The Task with WARRIOR and experience towing excellence like never before.

With their superior resistance to breakage, cutting, and picking, WARRIOR Locks offer the ultimate defense against theft, giving you the confidence to tow and transport with peace of mind.

Warrior Locks are now available .....

The bROK WARRIOR Ball Mounts are the strongest towing and trailering ball mounts available.

bROK Feature 1

(Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Red E-Coat) over hardened steel shaft.

bROK Feature 2

bROK WARRIOR receiver locks provide maximum protection with hardened steel shafts, stainless-steel ball bearings and pick proof keys.

bROK Feature 3

This extremely heavy-duty WARRIOR lock has 3x more cut resistance and enhanced break resistance than similar locks.

Find The bROK WARRIOR LOCKS That Works Best for You

Product Number Image Name & Application Pin/Shaft Diameter Span Locking System
Lock Warrior Coupler Handle
For use on stamped coupler handles (latch levers) with or without hitch ball attachment
1/4" Pin Diameter 5/8" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
Lock WARRIOR Dogbone Class II
Typically used on SUVs when towing lighter utensils (e.g. Personal Watercraft, Bike Racks)
1/2" Pin Diameter 2-3/8" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
Lock WARRIOR Dogbone Class III/IV
Typically used on lighter weight vehicles such as ¼ Ton trucks when towing significant utensils (i.e. Landscape trailers, small construction trailers)
5/8" Pin Diameter 2-3/4" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
Lock WARRIOR Dogbone Class V
Typically used with pick up trucks up to 3/4 Ton when towing more significant utensils (e.g. Construction trailers, RVs)
5/8" Pin Diameter 3-1/4" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
Channel Mount Lock 3in Receiver
Typically used on 1 TON and larger vehicles when towing heavy equipment (e.g. Car Trailers, Full Size RVs, commercial grade construction trailers.)
5/8" Pin Diameter 4" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
Lock WARRIOR Heavy-Duty Coupler Lock
Fits 1-7/8", 2", 2-5/16" Couplers.
For ultimate trailer protection when not towing. For use on all sizes of stamped couplers when trailer is not connected to hitch ball
3/4" Locking Shackle 11 Locking Positions Heavy Duty Security