PRINTLOCKs Inaugural Unveiling at 2022 NATDA Trailer Show

Akron, Ohio --bROK Products announces the unveiling of their ground-breaking PRINTLOCKs Smart Lock Security products at the 2022 NATDA Trailer Show in Nashville, TN. PRINTLOCKs forge a new road in security featuring personalized biometric operation to safeguard your towing and trailer products. With PRINTLOCK personalized biometric operation and multiple-user coding, personalized protection is literally at your fingertips. PRINTLOCK Smart Lock Security products accommodate up to 20 individuals uniquely coded for multiple users and fleet owners. PRINTLOCK can also be operated with the included “back-up” key for operators who are not yet coded.

"PRINTLOCK is designed with a self-contained bio-scanner isolated within the unit. No data is transmitted to other devices such as a cell phone. This means the user’s security is not compromised by wifi or other data transmitting methods.” Said Francis Bernart bROK Products President. “PRINTLOCKS are emblematic of the innovative leadership bROK Products brings to the Towing and Trailer categories. They provide fleet owners higher security for multiple users without the hassle of keys. PRINTLOCK is truly original innovation in the towing and trailer category.”

  • Personalized Print Security
  • Fingerprint or Backup Key Operation
  • Dust and Waterproof Design
  • 1,000 Cycles Per Full Charge
  • Great For Fleets
  • Up to 20 Users
  • Up to 1 Year Standby Time
  • Can Operate While Charging
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