WARRIOR Locks Highlighted at 2022 NATDA Trailer Show

Akron, Ohio -- bROK Products announces WARRIOR Locks on display at the 2022 NATDA Trailer Show in Nashville TN. WARRIOR locks are for those who require maximum theft-resistant protection of their towing and trailering products. With up to 5x greater break resistance, 3x greater cut resistance, pick proof locks and original Stainless Steel ball bearing locking system, Warrior Locks among the most theft-deterrent towing securing locks in the industry. Warrior Locks provide extended corrosion resistance with exclusive “red E-Coat over chrome” quad plating.

“WARRIOR Locks combine the incredible challenges of maximizing theft deterrence and corrosion resistance with ease of use.” Said Francis Bernart, bROK’s President. “WARRIOR Locks are in a class by themselves for towing security. WARRIOR’s classy red E-Coat over chrome is unique to the industry and makes a clear, visible statement that WARRIOR Locks are maximizing the protecting of your implements and “toys”.

Maximum Theft Protection with WARRIOR Locks

  • Industry’s Strongest & Most Theft Resistant
  • 5X Greater Break Strength
  • 3X Greater Cut Resistance
  • Pick Proof Locks
  • Original Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Locking System
  • Extended Corrosion Resistance w/ unique “Red E-Coat over Chrome” Finish
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