Warrior Lock with keys

bROK Products WARRIOR Locks are the towing and trailering industry’s strongest and most secure locks for those who require maximum theft-resistant protection of their towing and trailering products. With up to 5x greater break resistance, 3x greater cut resistance, pickproof locks, and original stainless-steel ball bearing locking system, WARRIOR Locks are the most theft-deterrent towing-securing locks in the industry. WARRIOR Locks provide extended life with enhanced corrosion-resistant "Red E-Coat Over Chrome" finish.

"WARRIOR Locks combine the incredible challenges of maximizing theft deterrence and corrosion resistance with ease of use," explained Francis Bernart, bROK’s President. "WARRIOR Locks are in a class by themselves for towing security. Their classy red E-coat over chrome is unique and makes a clear, visible statement that WARRIOR Locks are maximizing the protection of your equipment and 'toys.'"

Maximum Theft Protection with WARRIOR Locks

  • Industry’s Strongest & Most Theft Resistant
  • 5X Greater Break Strength
  • 3X Greater Cut Resistance
  • Pickproof Locks
  • Original Stainless-Steel Ball Bearing Locking System
  • Extended Corrosion Resistant "Red E-Coat Over Chrome" Finish
Warrior Locks Packages

The bROK WARRIOR Locks are the strongest towing and trailering coupler locks available.

bROK Innovation


(Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Red E-Coat) over hardened steel shaft.

bROK Empowering


bROK WARRIOR receiver locks provide maximum protection with hardened steel shafts, stainless-steel ball bearings and pick proof keys.

bROK Satisfaction


This extremely heavy-duty WARRIOR lock has 3x more cut resistance and enhanced break resistance than similar locks.

Find The bROK WARRIOR Lock That Works Best for You


Product Number Image Name & Application Pin/Shaft Size Pin/Shaft Span Locking System
57614_M Coupler Handle Lock
For use on stamped coupler handles (latch levers) with or without hitch ball attachment
1/4" Pin Diameter 5/8" Span Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
57632 Receiver Lock
Fits 1-1/4" Receiver.
Typically used on SUVs when towing lighter utensils (e.g. Personal Watercraft, Bike Racks)
1/2" Pin Diameter 2-3/8" Span
Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
57614_M Receiver Lock
Fits 2" Receiver.
Typically used on lighter weight vehicles such as ¼ Ton trucks when towing significant utensils (i.e. Landscape trailers, small construction trailers)
5/8" Pin Diameter 2-3/4" Span
Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
57614_M Receiver Lock
Fits 2-1/2" Receiver.
Typically used with pick up trucks up to 3/4 Ton when towing more significant utensils (e.g. Construction trailers, RVs)
5/8" Pin Diameter 3-1/4" Span 
Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
57614_M Channel Mount Lock
Fits 3" Receiver.
Typically used on 1 TON and larger vehicles when towing heavy equipment (e.g. Car Trailers, Full Size RVs, commercial grade construction trailers.)
5/8" Pin Diameter 4" Span 
Stainless Steel Ball Lock System
57614_M Universal Coupler Lock
Fits 1-7/8", 2", 2-5/16" Couplers.
For ultimate trailer protection when not towing. For use on all sizes of stamped couplers when trailer is not connected to hitch ball
3/4" Locking Shackle 11 Locking Positions
Heavy Duty Security